Do Hard Things Conference

The teen years are not a vacation from responsibility. They are the launching pad of life.

Based on this conviction twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris embarked on a four year conference tour — challenging their generation to rebel against low expectations and do hard things for the glory of God.

This one-day event went on to reach over 50,000 teens, parents, and youth workers between 2007 and 2011 and was hosted by respected churches across the United States — including Bethlehem Baptist and Moody Bible Church.

Now you can experience the Do Hard Things Conference for yourself — as well as share it with family and friends — in the form of four professionally-recorded video sessions.

Session Topics Include:

  • The Myth of Adolescence
  • Do Hard Things
  • True Character
  • The Power of Companionship

What People Are Saying:

"Shortly after watching your conference, my 12-year-old told me he wanted to serve the people of a small, needy village in Honduras. Amazingly, the Lord opened all the right doors which allowed us to go within a matter of weeks. We made a video and entered it into a contest — and won that village $16,000!"

— Mother from Florida
"I just wanted to let you guys know that from your conference and book, I think that I have learned how to give the glory to God in everything I do, and not be afraid to tell people that I BELIEVE in a God who still uses young people in his work. GOD BLESS!!!"

— Teen guy from Louisiana
"Your message impacted my heart and encouraged me greatly. I read your book when I was 11, and I have a been a Rebelutionary for the last 4 years, but like all Rebelutionaries I get tired now and then, and your conference helped pick me back up."

— Teen girl from Kansas
"I wanted to thank you guys for what you are doing! Your conference really helped me realize that if I died that day I really wasn't sure if I would go to heaven or hell. It really got me thinking, and totally changed my life!"

— Teen guy from British Columbia
"We believe the conference helped shape our oldest children's thinking in many ways including work ethic. We highly appreciate you and your message."

— Father from Michigan

Do Hard Things Conference

Lifetime access to four powerful video messages from the Do Hard Things Conference. Only available here.

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